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Covid doesn’t stop Lucy from her daily business. Doesn’t matter if it’s walking her dogs, grabbing some coffee, hiking, hitting the gym or running errands. All candids from February 16 til February 27 have now been added to the galleryEach thumbnail below directs you to the album the photo belongs to, by clicking the link below you can see all albums with candids from this year.

018~96.jpg 011~123.jpg 040~37.jpg 010~127.jpg 019~97.jpg
011~126.jpg 009~132.jpg 033~56.jpg 003~165.jpg 025~83.jpg
004~160.jpg 011~132.jpg 011~133.jpg 017~108.jpg 004~164.jpg

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While Lucy and her new pup Ethel were seen heading to the gym just by themselves on Monday (February 15), Lucy was seen leaving the gym with her pup and actress Bailee Madison. Prior to this workout session Lucy was seen out for a hike in Los Angeles with her dog Evlis. For more information and pictures scroll down to the previous post.

001~177.jpg 006~138.jpg 011~119.jpg 012~115.jpg 019~91.jpg
002~163.jpg 006~139.jpg 010~123.jpg 014~106.jpg 018~95.jpg

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Lucy is back with a fresh new hair color. On her social media handles she shared some amazing photos of her shorter hair with a brand new color. It suits her so well. Today (February 15) Lucy was seen out for a hike with a friend and her dog Elvis in Studio City, California.

001~176.jpg 004~147.jpg 005~144.jpg 010~121.jpg 017~94.jpg006.jpg 007.jpg 008.jpg 009.jpg 010.jpg

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Lucy was seen all sporty on Friday (February 12) while out for a solo hike in Los Angeles. This time her dogs Elvis and Ethel stayed home and Lucy took some me-time while taking a hike and listening to music. Almost 70 new candid photos have been added to the gallery.

001~175.jpg 009~122.jpg 030~59.jpg 036~44.jpg 046~25.jpg

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Lots and lots of candids of Lucy from the beginning of 2021 have been added to the gallery. Most recently (February 11) Lucy was seen walking her dogs Elvis and new family member Ethel in Los Angeles. Each thumbnail below directs you to the album the photo belongs to, by clicking the link below you can see all albums with candids from this year.

002~159.jpg 005~142.jpg 007~132.jpg 014~102.jpg 019~88.jpg
004~117.jpg 011~93.jpg 003~135.jpg 038~31.jpg 044~23.jpg

But not only did we add recent candids. Also all missing candids from 2020 and some photoshoot photos have found their way into the gallery, waiting to be viewed by you.

006~114.jpg 012~92.jpg 001~163.jpg 002~145.jpg 002~156.jpg
017~54.jpg 010~73.jpg 011~73.jpg 020~56.jpg 002~118.jpg

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Two new photoshoots of our dear Lucy Hale have seen the daylight lately. Lucy was photographed earlier this year (February) by Hudson Taylor. The photos just came out and they look stunning. Second set of shoot is by Lucy’s friend Cibelle Levi for the month of July 2020. Click on the thumbnails or links below to see all photos in the gallery.

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Find out below the latest candids from Lucy Hale. During the month of June, July (and beginning of August), she was mainly seen walking her dog Elvis at the dog park, hiking with friends in Hollywood, and out and about running daily errands in Los Angeles. Click on the thumbnails or link below to see the photos in the gallery. Each thumbnail corresponds to a different album, and the one link will lead you to all of the latest albums. Enjoy !

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